About Oasis Computers and John Wilmink

Welcome to Oasis Computers’s Blog.

Let me introduce myself. I am John Wilmink the owner of Oasis Computers and the publisher of this blog.  I Started Oasis Computers in November of 1989 with my stepson Merrill Davis.  We have now been in three locations in Roswell, NM.  I was born and raised in The Netherlands and I came to New Mexico in 1984.  I worked at the time for Automatic Business Systems and then I started Oasis Computers in November of 1989.  I was an Resident Alien until I became an American Citizen on August 08, 2003.

We Started here on 211 W. 1st Street (Now Gone)

This is our current location 1703 N Garden Ave.

Then we moved to the 2510 N. Main Street Location (Also Gone)

This blog started off as a easy way for me to store and retrieve articles and webpages I found through emails, the web, searches and so on.  It was clear to me after a little while that I had a wealth of information here that would be benifical to our customers also.  So I made all this info public and send customers to the blog from our website (oasis-computers.net).

Here you can find fixes for problems, information on how you get infected, why do people infect us, software information, funny things and opinions.

7 responses to “About Oasis Computers and John Wilmink

  • customer

    well, howdy..
    found a real nasty Trojan virus which would not authorize the fix you good people burnt for me
    I back spaced my program to a few days to reset to that date and the Trojan was skipped.

  • bcy

    how do I *uninstall* the annoying CyberDefender Internet Security download?
    It seems to want to take over any page I look at and the Alert window wont respond to close. The ‘Details’ link doesn’t respond and the ‘Remove Now’ link won’t respond as the window remains unresponsive in the foreground.

  • Albert M.

    Nice blog remodel John! Haven’t been on here in awhile. This is a great idea! I like the way you organized everything. If I find anything useful I will post them. What do you think about the Bulldozer processor from AMD? I am thinking about trying it out after they find and fix some bugs. I really like AMD now since I got that computer from you. The Phenom II has been working like a charm. Keep up the good work and take care!

  • Jeff Koenig

    Hey John,
    Just wanted to say thanks for the deal on my Toshiba. Works great!

  • Judith Anderson

    Thank you, John. All of your help and this morings hard work have our phone and internet back! You are awesome above and beyond!

  • David

    Hello John, you built my desk top and I have bought all my lap tops from you. I call you concerning a problem with my desk top after hours and I did what you advised me to do. It worked! Thank you, and we will continue to use your services.

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