The Links Page

This is the links page.   Here you can finds links to the downloads for the programs that we install on all the computers we sell or repair.  We also have links to some of the companies that are importants for security etc. I have some links to websites that I like also.

Links to security and safety: is a company that provides services to block websites that you, your family or company do not want to go to. It protects your company from wasting time by your employees or to protect your children from inappropriate  (porn etc) websites.  This the link to Leo LaPorte  were you can see live video or watch recorded video about tech related issues.  It is very informative and there is a lot of information here.

Links to driver finder websites.  A free one and a good one but not free, driver detective.

Some very useful programs from Piriform: system info,  defragger, registry cleaner filerecovery and more

News Websites: ,

Microsoft Online Office programs for free:


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